Smart Farm Executive Summary

Smart Farm’s large area, wireless monitoring and control system provides farmers valuable, actionable, real-time information regarding the condition of the soil, crops and equipment in their fields. Our system allows farmers to increase yield while decreasing energy, water, fertilizer, labor and maintenance costs.

Background: Farmers are under pressure to produce more food AND use less energy and water in the process. An effective remote monitoring and control system will allow farmers to thrive in such a constrained environment. Existing cellular and satellite-based precision irrigation systems are expensive engineered solutions and require monthly service fees for each control point. Additionally, cellular and satellite networks are not accessible in many parts of the world. Wireless 900 MHz systems have failed in the past to provide the reliable, cost-effective, scalable solutions needed for widespread adoption on farms spanning hundreds of square miles.

Our Solution: Smart Farm is developing a proprietary, scalable, large-area, 900 MHz wireless monitoring and control system for field based equipment, such as irrigation pumps and grain silos. Our solution does not depend on external communications service providers to achieve scale and it can be deployed anywhere in the world. Initially we will focus on agriculture operations, but environmental and security monitoring, mining, chemical storage, and industrial operations will also benefit from this technology.

Our Team: Smart Farm’s founder and CTO, Bob Farinelli, was previously the founder and CTO of Elan Home Systems, a leading smart home automation company. Bob and his team grew Elan from $0 to $24M in sales before selling the business to Nortek in 2002. Bob continued to lead and grow the Elan division for Nortek through 2011. In 2012, Bob was challenged by Ryan Heringer, an Elan dealer, to build a similar platform for agriculture, after a farmer-customer of Ryan’s requested such a network. In 2013, Bob and one of his top engineers from Elan, Steve Christensen, began building the Smart Farm monitoring and control system.

Our Customers – Smart Farm has a 6,500 acre beta project in Caraway, Arkansas and we intend to expand to a number of other beta sites in 2015. We will sell to farmers direct with an affiliate installation business based out of Jonesboro, Arkansas.  We will add custom installers in other areas of the country as we grow the business. We also have letters of intent from two value-add resellers and a distributor who provide custom solutions to the worldwide farming community.